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[About the service]

Adaxt Co., Ltd. provides import agency services for Korean apparel and miscellaneous goods.

・Small lots OK!

・Free customs duty!

・No need for troublesome member registration!

・Guaranteed genuine product

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[Brand overview]

Paragraph, a street brand from Korea.

The store is only available in Korea under the phrase "Only Seoul Store."
They specialize in designs that use brand logos, and release designs full of originality with a wide variety of designs and color variations.
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[Purchase flow]


Select items to order


Purchased by Korean agent

Shipped locally within 2 weeks after making to order.

Delivery after arrival at head office in Kanagawa Prefecture

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[Q&A | Frequently asked questions]

Q: Is it genuine?

→It is a 100% genuine product as it is purchased directly from Paragraph.

Q: How long does it take for delivery?

On average, delivery takes around 3 weeks, but it depends on the situation at the factory in paragraph.

Q: Are there any lots?

→We accept from 5 points.

Q: Are there any customs duties?

→We will pay all customs duties.

Q: Are there any costs separate from the product price?

→Additional shipping fee will be charged. Once you have selected your items, we will send you a quotation, so please check it at that time.

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Please feel free to contact us!

Phone number: 0467-27-7222

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