About delivery information

About delivery information

In addition, during July 13, 202 (Tuesday) to September 5, "Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympic Pick Competition" players village of the "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Paralympic Games" will be held, and it will be the tournament period, so Tokyo and each competition Large-scale traffic restrictions will be held in the event of the event.
Due to this impact, it may be delayed for delivery of luggage temporarily, mainly around the area of ​​each competition site. Also, other than the target area may be delayed temporarily.

■ Period and region where delays may occur for luggage delivery

Period: July 13, 202 (Tuesday) -August 8 (Sun)
August 17 (Tuesday) -September 5 (Sun)

· Area around each competition site (Tokyo and each holding area)
· Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal (Each tenant operator in the airport)

About delivery method

Normal delivery (¥ 1,000 / ¥ 10,000 purchases Free shipping fee free / normal product delivery 1-3 days Private product delivery 7-14 days)
After confirming your order, we will deliver the product in Kuroneko Yamato.

About tracking order

At the same time as the product packing starts, shipping emails that contain links that track shipping information and online order status. Please note that it may take several days before tracking information is uploaded. You can also log in to my account and track your order from the Order History.

About delivery destination

If you need to change the delivery destination after ordering, promptly customer supportPlease contact me until you However, please be aware that the address change after order confirmation may occur separately.

About products that could not be delivered

If the product can not be delivered according to your selected delivery option, it will automatically return it to us.