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How to purchase Korean products and open an online shop | A must-see for anyone who wants to start an EC site in Japan right away

Korean fashion purchasing

Korean products are in high demand in Japan, and there are many online shops that purchase products from Korea. This article provides explanations for those who want to purchase products from Korea and sell them in Japan.

We will explain the benefits and specific methods of purchasing from Korea, so please use it when starting an online shop.

korean fashion wholesale
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◾️There is a high need for Korean products in Japan

The reason why Korean products are in high demand in Japan is because the Korean nation focuses on manufacturing, and many products can be purchased at more affordable prices than in Japan.

In addition, apparel-related products come in a wide variety of designs that are not found in Japanese shops, so more and more Japanese people are starting to model themselves on the attractive designs of Korean fashion.

Furthermore, with the advent of the 4th Korean Wave, such as the global popularity of BTS, demand for Korean foods called K-foods is also increasing.

Korean fashion purchasing

Korean fashion purchasing

◾️How to purchase Korean products

Here, we will explain in detail how to purchase Korean products.

☆Purchase online

The advantage is that even people who don't speak Korean can use sites where they can purchase Korean products.

You may also be able to use promotional photos of your products in your own online shop.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that you have to pay shipping charges when purchasing, and it takes time to arrive.

☆Purchase offline

The advantage is that you can see the actual product and there is a high possibility of finding a bargain.

On the other hand, travel and accommodation costs a lot of money.

Another disadvantage is that purchasing takes a huge amount of time and 90% of vendors only accept cash payment.

Korean fashion purchasing


It can be difficult to succeed in purchasing Korean fashion, even if you don't have special connections, skills, or a huge amount of capital .

However, several approaches and strategies can be used to make purchasing more effective.

First of all, sales sites such as ZOZO and BUYMA charge close to 30% commission, so create your own shop with high profit margins.
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Additionally, it's important to build relationships with local retailers and wholesalers. By finding reliable partners and intermediaries, you can get better prices and trading conditions. You can also join local fashion communities and networking events to build relationships with industry professionals and other business partners.

Overall, I can say that success in purchasing Korean fashion requires steady effort and flexibility. Even if you don't have special connections or funds, you can start your own e-commerce site with passion and effort.

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